Cause of Death - The Web Original Series

Cause of Death - Pilot

"Kill or be killed."

In the summer of 2009, a group of college students came together to produce a short series based on one script. The series, as a whole, has yet to be completed. The pilot, seen here, was completed in only six months. Yeah, it's four minutes long, but stuff was going on... College students have lives, too.

The pilot shows the event when a nameless man enters the house of a drinking lounge-about. What happens next is chaos and violence, coupled with the killer's dark desire and the poor man's fight to survive. Add a picture of a mysterious girl and a granola bar to the mix, and you've got a four minute short that was originally written to introduce an entire series. As it were, it's simply one small story that came out of one amazing summer.

In recent months, the team behind Cause of Death has worked on a deal to expand the series into a nine episode first season, each episode 22 minutes long, set to air on the Middle Tennessee State University television station, MTTV sometime in 2011.