Cause of Death - The Web Original Series

What The Show Was...And Where It Could Go

The Original Drafts

When the script for Cause of Death, originally titled "Random Murders," was first penned in May 2009 by Nick Keel, the pilot introduced us to a well-dressed murderer who narrated throughout the entire episode. It was cheesy, overdone, and, quite frankly, poorly written. Unfortunately, nobody figured that out until shooting was already over.

Not one, but eleven more episodes were written within the week following the pilot script's completion, creating one whole season for the cast and crew to shoot for. Luckily, Alex edited the shot episodes with sheer skill, and what came out of it is what the rest of the world will see.

The remaining first season, as well as subsequent seasons that, for now, were written for fun more than hoping to see them filmed. The rest of the first season would have shown Morgan Lang portraying a woman named Madelyn, who seeks revenge for a terrible, generic wrong that was done to her in the past. Justin Wade would have played one of the lead characters, a newly recruited FBI agent who tries to take down the killers. Lastly, the antagonist of the season would have been a yet-to-be-casted Alice, a young, mentally unstable woman who would end up confronting the other characters in the finale.

The Series as of Now

Cut down to less than ten episodes, the first season became tighter and more tense after months of rewrites, condenses, and cuts. 

Without the remaining episodes, however, what there one episode. The pilot. So, if you like what you see, and want to see more, please send us a message explaining your thoughts. We'll bring you the entertainment, if you want it.