Cause of Death - The Web Original Series

Behind the Scenes

Nicholas Keel

Writer, Director, Actor

Nick is currently a student at Middle Tennessee State University. He was responsible for writing the series "Cause of Death," and also tried his hand at dual directing/acting duties. He failed spectacularly. 

When Cause of Death is buried for good, Nick will be burying that blue shirt with it.

Alex Hoelscher

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Alex is Digital Film Production major at the University of Montana. He was responsible for the cinematography and the visual editing of Cause of Death. He also kept the crew running on schedule, even when it was 3 in the morning. 

His YouTube channel is

Nathan West

Sound Recordist

Nathan is an Audio Production major at Middle Tennessee State University. He recorded the sound on location during filming. Nathan also provided the music for the pilot episode, thanks to his friend Carl Pemberton.

Morgan Lang

Line Producer, Script Editor

Morgan is in the Education program at Middle Tennessee State University. She managed the set and read/edited each script. She was also determined to have her character killed off early. Instead, her entire episode was scrapped.

Justin Wade

Assistant Director

Justin is a student at Motlow State, studying in History, Education, and Sociology. During production he acted as the assistant director, while behind the scenes he read and reviewed the rewrites of the individual episodes of season one. 

Benjamin Wenisch

Actor, Stuntwork

Ben is a student at Middle Tennessee State University. On Cause of Death, he was the nameless victim of the murderer's attack. He also performed all his own stunts, most of which were cut from the final product.